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Claim a Challenge for the 6th Wave of Trio Love!

Challenges can only be claimed twice -- once for FIC and once for ART PER SUBWAVE. Please leave a comment telling us which challenge you're claiming and if it is FIC or ART. Don't forget to mention which SUBWAVE it is for. I'll edit in your claims ASAP, but be sure to browse the comments in case I haven't gotten to them all yet. Thanks

Please review the Rules before making claims!


1. Missing scene(s) from DH where trio are camping together

2. Missing scene(s) from DH where trio are in Grimmauld Place. Wave 2-bleakwinters(fic)

3.In the days after Voldemort is defeated in DH Wave 1-certifieddork (fic)

4. When Hermione ventures into the changing rooms after a particularly fierce practice she discovers just why Harry and Ron are always so elated after one.

5. Where do the Trio go when the Battle of Hogwarts is over and Harry walks off with Ron and Hermione?

6. When Ron is poisoned, it forces Harry and Hermione to realise just how lost they would be without him.

7. The morning after the Battle of Hogwarts the trio wake up and find comfort in each other.

8. A Night of drinking during the Horcrux hunt causes the trio to admit their true feelings for each other. Wave 2-tqpannie (fic)

9. The trio, thinking their going to die, confess how much their friendship means to each other. They come to realize that it's not just friendship but something much more-set during the horcrux hunt. Wave 2-certifieddork (fic)

10. Incorporate this line into your piece: "Choosing between them would be like being asked to choose between air and water; Hermione simply couldn't do it."

Post Hogwarts-Canon Compliant

1. From the POV of any or all of the trio members, paired as stated in Epilogue, any time post-Hogwarts, but thinking back to when they WERE together as a trio (before they paired off permanently).

2. They form (or re-form) a permanent threesome after Ginny leaves/dies/Harry asks for divorce. Include their children in the plot somehow. Wave 1-patchfire(fic)

3. The trio decide to rekindle their relationship one last time before they marry.

4. When one of the children falls in love, the Trio decide to come clean about their own relationship.

5. Harry wishes he'd come clean to Ginny years ago, wishes he'd confessed to Ron before Ron was on his deathbed, wishes he'd told Hermione just once how much he loved her before she died. He didn't think his heart could break more, until Ron crinkled his face up into one last smile and whispered, "We waited years for you to tell us, mate." (Note - doesn't need to contain this text, just use it as a prompt). Wave 3-star54kar(fic) Wave 1 tailoredshirt (fic)

6. During the horcrux hunt, they have to learn to trust one another completely: "Three helping one another will do as much as six men singly"

7. When Ginny tells Harry it's over, after twenty years together, he needs some help to realise that it's been over for a long time. Who does a man turn to but his best friends?

8. When Ginny is killed in a tragic accident, Harry loses himself in his despair. As the months go by and with his children away at Hogwarts, Harry withdraws deeper and deeper within himself. Ron and Hermione have to find a way to get through to him, whatever it takes. Wave 2-tailoredshirt (fic)

9. The trio find a way to explain their relationship to Ginny and have a series of encounters through the years.

10. Harry realizes despite all that Ginny has given him that his heart lies with Ron and Hermione. He has to confront his feelings and make this work for all of them.

11. The trio takes trip to relive their golden days before their children start Hogwarts. Things happen and confessions are made--naughtiness ensues.

Post Hogwarts-EWE

1. After the war, they decide get a flat together.

2. All three get teaching positions at Hogwarts.

3. All three are busy with work and travel, and none realizes how far they've drifted until an unexpected event brings them back together under unusual circumstances.

4. Established relationship - Ron wonders why they both only ever do stuff with him and never do stuff together. He thinks it might be hot to watch the two of them.

5. The trio go on holiday. "Well, this is just like when we were hunting those horcruxes, except it's a five star hotel, it's warm, and we're honest about wanting to fuck each other now." Wave 3-simons_flower(fic)

6. One of the trio explains why triangles are the strongest shapes, fit to be the base of the hopes of a new world. Wave 3-bleakwinters(fic) Wave 2-redsnake05 (fic)

7. The danger is over. Voldemort has been destroyed, Ron and Hermione are a couple, and Harry is not jealous. At least that's what he tells himself. So he begins to avoid his two best friends. But when Ron makes an unexpected confession during a confrontation over Harry's behavior, the dynamic of the trio's relationship is forever altered. Wave 2-patchfire (fic) Wave 3-tailoredshirt (fic)

8. Ron and Hermione have been together for a while. One night after too much to drink, Harry and Hermione get more than friendly. They embark on a guilt-stricken affair, until Hermione discovers that Harry has been having an affair with Ron as well. After much arguing they realise that they all need each other.

9. Ron and Hermione are together and they find something missing from their relationship-Harry.

10. In honor of Fred-George creates a "truth" potion and convinces the trio to drink it in honor of Fred. The trio reveals their real feelings and naughtiness ensues. Wave 2-simons_flower(fic)

11. Harry wants a special present for his birthday-he wants to watch Ron and Hermione. He's shocked when they ask him to join in. Wave 2-hpuckle(fic) Wave 1 kath_ballantyne (ART)

12. Hermione learns she's pregnant and has to tell Ron and Harry. How do the boys react? Wave 3-patchfire(fic)

13. A wedding is in the works--how does the trio deal with the publicity of their relationship going public?

14. Harry isn't sure how he fits into Ron and Hermione's lives as a couple. They show him. Wave 1-star54kar (fic)

Any Era

“Love, that outreaches to the humblest things;
Work that is glad, in what it does and brings;
And faith that soars upon unwearied wings.

Divine the Powers that on this trio wait.
Supreme their conquest, over Time and Fate.
Love, Work, and Faith -- these three alone are great.”
Ella Wheeler Wilcox -wave 2 star54kar (fic)
Wave 3-redsnake05 (fic)

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