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Fic: Not the End of the World

Author: bksncleverness
Challenge: #20 Hermione and Ron hook up while they are out horcrux hunting; Harry is jealous and lonely. Then they all hook up.
Title: Not the End of the World
Summary: Ginny tells Harry she’s not waiting for him anymore. Ron and Hermione try to hide their passion, but end up sharing it instead.
Warning: There’s actually a little Ron/Hermione smex before we get to the main course. But there is a main course so keep reading.
Word Count: ~4000
Rating: NC-17, Adult
Notes: This story ended up being slightly different from the challenge in that R/H were already hooked up before the horcrux hunt. It’s also slightly angstier than I usually do, but I think it works. The pub portion of the story was inspired by a real-life pub but not, alas, a real life event. Yet. Many thanks to my mysterious beta. Did you know comments are a quick and easy way to get good karma? True story.

Hermione waited in a booth at the small pub called The End of the World. She’d brought a book to read while she waited for Ron to come down from their room at the Firelight Inn around the corner, but she found herself reading the same line of text over and over again.

The bell on the door jangled and Hermione looked back over her shoulder to see a young couple enter. Turning back to her book, she tried desperately to occupy her mind for a bit.

“Can I ’elp you, miss?” the barman called to Hermione.

Looking up at him, she caught herself just before she asked for a Butterbeer. “I’ll have a Stella Artois, please.”

The pub door jangled again and Hermione turned to see Ron walk in, alone.

On the way to the table Ron stopped by the bar and asked for a Guiness.

Before he even sat down Hermione looked up at him. “He’s not coming down, is he?”

“I don’t think so,” Ron said, sliding into the booth next to her.

Hermione slid around the U-shaped table to leave some space between them.

“You know I love your sister, Ron, but right now, I could kill her.”

“You can’t blame her though, can you? She’s been waiting around since summer.”

“If by ‘waiting around’ you mean shagging Michael and Seamus and that other bloke, from Ravenclaw.”

“Wow. I don’t think Harry knows about Seamus. Well, you know how Ginny is. I mean, it was only a matter of time before she found someone else. Not someone just to shag, but someone she cares about.”

“Poor Harry.”

The barman brought their beers over and set them down on the table.

“Thanks,” Hermione said, giving the barman a small smile.

When the barman walked away, Ron looked at the foamy head of his Guiness and said: “This little adventure isn’t quite what I expected.”

“I know what you mean,” Hermione said, staring into her glass.

“You do?”

They were silent for a moment as the question hung in the air.

“I thought the horcrux hunt would be us fighting dark wizards, breaking spells and enchantments, things like that. I didn’t think—”

“That it would be the three of us, cooped up in a room together waiting for our next clue?” Ron asked.

“Exactly. The waiting is awful. I thought that after the locket we’d just keep finding them, but there hasn’t been a thing since then. And staying in this city? At least if we were at the Cauldron, we could use magic, but here, we can’t.”

“I can’t believe McGonagall is still telling us what to do even out here,” Ron said.

“Well she told us the Death Eaters could track us by the magic we use if we stay in Muggle towns. And since there aren’t too many magical enclaves, it makes more sense that we’re here. It’s not a bad place, really, but it would be so much better if we could just use a couple of spells. We could make the room bigger, for heaven’s sake.”

“What I wouldn’t give for a silencing charm,” Ron said, stealing a glance at Hermione which was pointedly unreturned.

“Yeah,” she said quietly, looking at the pint in front of her.

They each drank as they sat side by side, careful not to touch or even get close.

Hermione put her palms flat on the table, and sighed.

“That’s not the worst of it, though, is it?” Ron asked, placing his hand on one of hers.

Hermione pulled her hand away. “Ron, we’ve been over this. We just can’t be together right now. And especially now that Ginny has a new boyfriend. It would be too hard for Harry to see us together.” She looked at his beautiful pink mouth and wanted, more than anything, to suck on his bottom lip. She turned her glance away from him.

“What about what we said to each other at the Burrow. After Bill and Fleur’s wedding?”

“You know I feel the same way I did then. You know I want nothing more than to be with you. We have to think of Harry now. Before it was just a question of logistics, when and where could we ever be alone, but now, I think Harry’s jealousy might kill him before Voldemort even gets a shot at it. Harry doesn’t need us to be all goggle-eyed at each other while he’s simultaneously trying to get over Ginny and save the world.”

“What about us?” Ron whispered angrily. “What about what we want? What we need?”

She laughed mirthlessly. “We may be two-thirds of this triumverate, but we are the two least important elements. What we want doesn’t enter into it.”

Ron reached across the chasm between them and placed his hand on Hermione’s thigh.

“Ron don’t,” she whispered, but made no move away from him.

“I need you. I don’t think I can survive having you this close and not being able to touch you. Not the way I want to, anyway. Don’t you feel the same way?”

Wrapping her hands around the pint glass in front of her, she turned to him and said: “yes, but…”

He moved his hand up her thigh slightly. Shuddering, she closed her eyes. Having him touch her like this was almost too much to bear. She felt torn. On one hand, she knew it would be easier for Harry if she and Ron went back to their platonic relationship. On the other hand, Ron’s hand on her thigh stirred feelings in her that no one else ever had. It was hard to be the voice of reason when a glance from him, or simply her name on his lips, made her wet with desire.

She could feel him move closer to her, feel the heat from his body and it was all she could do to keep from turning to him and starting something she knew she couldn’t finish.

Conjuring the image of Harry she’d just seen—Harry on the edge of the bed, in their little room at the Firelight Inn, sobbing inconsolably into his hands—Hermione pushed Ron’s hand away. “We can’t, darling. For Harry's sake.”

Ron covered his face with his hands and sighed. He ran one hand through his shaggy red hair. Hermione found the gesture so sexy, she looked away from him again.

“Excuse me,” she said. “I’m going to the loo.” She needed to catch her breath, regain her resolve, forget about the way his shirt clung to the straight of his back as he leaned forward on the table, and erase the memory of a small patch of freckled skin that showed above his trousers when he stretched.

Hermione slid out of the booth and climbed the narrow wooden flight of stairs up to the loo. She walked inside and went to close the door behind her to lock it, but suddenly, there was Ron in the doorway. He pushed his way inside wordlessly and closed the door behind him with his foot. Grabbing her roughly, his mouth captured hers in a kiss.

Hermione tried to protest, but with his hands on her like this, his body so close, so real and warm--the man she loved as well as desired--no sound escaped her lips save moans of pleasure.

He backed her up into the vanity of the sink in the little bathroom. As he kissed her, he put his hand on the mirror behind her head. She grabbed at him, pulling his hair and sliding her hand up his shirt as her mouth devoured his.

Moaning into her mouth, he ground his hips into hers.

Ron broke their kiss and took a step back. Looking around at the bathroom and down at Hermione, he thought for a moment.

He seized Hermione around the waist and hoisted her up onto the edge of the vanity. He pulled his shirt off while Hermione unbuckled his belt and trousers. She shoved his pants down around his thighs and began to pull the brutally pink-headed cock up hard. Ron gasped and closed his eyes for a moment before unbuttoning Hermione’s shirt.

The perfection of her beautiful, round breasts always amazed him. Always made him stop and stare. He pulled down the lacy cups of her bra and leaned down quickly to take a nipple into his mouth.

Moaning and squirming, she whispered his name.

Pushing her skirt onto her upper thighs, he grabbed the fabric of her now wet panties. She nodded at him and with one yank, tore them off her body. In a single motion, he thrust himself into her and Ron moaned low in his throat. He dug his fingers into the flesh of her thighs, making her skin red and his fingertips white.

“No…” she whispered and Ron thought she might want him to stop. Then she continued, saying between thrusts: “No. Silencing. Charm.” He nodded and began kissing her hard again.

Grabbing her arse with his hands, he moved her so that he could shift the angle of his thrusts. Hermione brought her left leg around Ron’s back, but brought the right to rest up on his shoulder. He pushed in deep, never managing to get in as far as he wanted.

It had been weeks since they’d had sex and neither one could last very long, which was just as well since they were in the loo of the End of the World Pub. They continued kissing as they moved together, if only to keep from their moans from carrying.

Bringing his hand up to her breast, Ron passed his thumb over her nipple, a gesture he knew would drive her over the edge and she came hard, clenching around him. When her spasms ebbed, she reached under the leg she had draped over Ron’s shoulder and inched her hand past his balls, and hooked her middle finger into the puckered sphincter of his arse. He shuddered and moaned in appreciation at this new stimulus. Thrusting into her one last time, he came, groaning and whispering her name.

Ron placed his hand on the mirror behind her and tried to catch his breath. “I love you so much,” he said, close to tears at the relief of the release.

“I love you, too.”

“We’d better get out of here before someone needs to use the loo,” he said. But before they could even separate, the door to the loo—-which Ron hadn’t locked—-opened.

“Harry?” Hermione said, looking over Ron’s shoulder.

Ron uncoupled himself from Hermione and quickly pulled his pants up. "Harry...I...we..."

Harry looked awful, eyes red-rimmed from crying, hair messier than usual. “Come back to the Inn now. I’ll pay for your pints,” he said quietly and began down the stairs.

Ron buttoned himself up and picked his shirt up off the floor. With one guilty glance back at Hermione, he pulled his shirt on and followed Harry.

Hermione buttoned her shirt and smoothed down her hair and stood up. Taking some paper towels from the dispenser, she caught the most of Ron’s come as it ran down her thighs. She took one last look at herself in the mirror, picked up her torn panties from the floor and followed them.

Harry said nothing as he tossed a ten-pound note on the bar in front of the barman and walked out the door. Ron walked close behind, through the jangling door, and Hermione stopped at their table to pick up her book as she tailed them.

As she jogged to catch up, Harry stayed in the lead, walking quickly and with purpose back to the Inn around the corner. Ron looked at her and shrugged, neither one of them knowing what Harry would say to them once they were back in their room.

When they stepped inside, Harry gestured for them to sit on the bed. Hermione put down her book and torn panties on the floor.

He paced in the small room for a minute and before he could speak, Hermione said: “We’re sorry, Harry, we just—”

“Don’t apologize, Hermione,” he said sharply. “Let me talk.”

“Look,” Harry began, “Ginny and I are over. For good. I can’t keep doing this with her. I can’t keep feeling bad every time she decides she can’t take waiting for me. First she gets back together with Michael and then she threw herself at that Ravenclaw Quidditch player. I can’t go to pieces every time she has to prove to me and to herself that she can get anyone she wants while I’m out trying to save the fucking world. I just can’t take it anymore. I’m tired. I want off this roller coaster.”

“Good for you, mate. You’re better off,” Ron said. He felt responsible when Ginny went off with another bloke, always felt like Harry looked at him in a different way whenever Ginny got impatient with him. Of course, Harry had told Ginny they couldn’t be together and they’d played at that for a while. Then they were together again, somehow, and when they left to get the locket, they all just assumed she’d wait until the horcrux hunt was finished. But she didn’t or she couldn’t.

“When you went down to the pub, I started thinking about the people who had never let me down. And it was you two. Look, I know you’re a couple and everything. And I don’t want to intrude on what’s not mine, but I have a proposition. You want to be together, but you think you can’t be because I’ll get too upset. So you’re reduced to having sex in the loo of the End of the World Pub so I won’t find out. And I want to be with you because you’re the only people on this earth who have always been there for me, always taken care of me, even saved my life on a few occasions, and I love you both,” he said, his voice breaking. “I’m not saying that you can’t go off and get married like a normal couple once this whole thing is over. Maybe I’ll find a nice girl or bloke somewhere to settle down with myself. I just meant for now. For now can we be together?”

Ron and Hermione looked at each other.

Harry continued: “It’ll mean that you two can be together and have sex and everything. I mean, I can just watch, you know, if you don’t want me to touch. I just...I need to be with people I trust and who won’t let me down.”

Ron leaned over and whispered something to Hermione and then nudged her up.

She stood in front of Harry, looking up into his green, bloodshot eyes. Pulling his glasses off, she tossed them on the bed. She stood up on tiptoes and kissed him. Harry wrapped his arms around her and bent down a bit so she could stand flat-footed again. After a few moments, she pulled away and grabbed his hand. Bringing it to her breast, she said: “you can do more than just watch.”

The bed creaked and Ron stood up behind her. “Hermione and I love each other very much, but we also love you. We always have and we always will. It doesn’t—-” he turned to Hermione who nodded at him to go on. “It doesn’t just have to be temporary.” Ron moved closer to Harry so that they were face to face, their noses almost touching.

Harry tilted his head to the side and moved in, and Ron moved closer and tilted his head the opposite way. They kissed, awkwardly for a moment, but then gathered momentum and soon Harry was holding onto him tightly and crying a bit.

“Harry?” Hermione asked.

Harry sat down on the bed, his eyes still filled with tears. He smiled. “I wasn’t sure you’d agree. And I’d almost convinced myself I’d be alone forever. But now you’re here and you’re, you’re really okay with this?” he asked.

In answer, Hermione unbuttoned her shirt and threw it aside. She stood in her skirt and bra for a minute so Harry could get a good look at her. She unhooked her bra and let it fall off her shoulders and down her arms. Ron pulled off his shirt and helped Harry off with his.

Then Hermione undid the button and zipper on her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

Harry gasped. “No underwear?”

“You can thank Ron for that,” she said, smiling. Gracefully, she walked to him and knelt in front of Harry. She licked her lips.

Knowing what she wanted, Ron reached out to divest Harry of his trousers and pants. When Ron had tugged the clothes all the way off, Hermione slid between Harry’s legs, and kissed his cock. Already semi-hard, it stood at attention quickly as Hermione covered it with the wet heat of her mouth. Harry breathed hard, looking up at Ron who smiled down at him, knowing well the pleasure he was receiving. “She’s good at it, mate. She’s really good,” Ron said.

With a little nudging, Harry slid back onto the bed so that he was lying down, Hermione still licking and sucking his cock.

Harry sat up on his elbows to watch and soon looked at Ron. “I’m going to—” he said.

“Hermione,” Ron said. “Let’s save that for later.” She stopped and looked up at Ron, smiling.

“Hermione, c-can I go down on you?” Harry asked, timidly.

“Harry, you can do whatever you want to me,” she said, thickly. Lying down on the bed, she spread her legs wide for him and he crawled between and began to lick her pink folds until she moaned at the sensation.

Looking up from her, he ran his tongue over his lips. He looked at Ron, puzzled.

“It’s my come, mate. You’re tasting me in there,” Ron whispered into Harry’s ear.

Harry buried his face again, trying hard to distinguish Ron’s taste from Hermione’s. Hermione tilted her hips up to him and Ron crawled up and kissed her while Harry busied himself below.

As Ron kissed her and licked her neck, she moaned and whimpered as Harry worked her sensitive bud with the tip of his tongue. Turning to Harry, Ron said: “Put your fingers inside her.” Harry stopped licking to wet two of his fingers before thrusting them inside. He curled them up and flicked her clit with his tongue. In a moment, Hermione cried out and came as Harry licked her and Ron kissed her.

“Oh Harry,” she breathed. “That was brilliant.”

“I think we’d better give her a minute,” Ron said, pulling Harry up to him.

The boys kissed and explored each other’s bodies with their hands. It was the first time either one had held another man like this. The feeling of Ron’s rough, calloused fingers on the sensitive skin of his cock, made Harry gasp and moan. And Harry’s grip, firmer than Hermione’s pulled Ron up hard, the way he always brought himself off.

Ron made Harry lie down while he switched position so that he was kneeling over Harry, but facing the other way. He bent down to take Harry’s cock into his mouth, while Harry propped himself up to lick Ron’s cock, which was poised over his face like the sword of Damocles. As the boys licked and sucked each other, Hermione turned to watch them.

“You both look so perfect together, but I’m ready to join in, whenever you want me,” she said, running her hand along Ron’s back and down the curve of his arse.

After a while, they stopped and faced her. She said, “Why don’t we do this: Harry, why don’t you take me from behind and Ron, you lie here and I’ll go down on you.”

“That sounds all right to me,” Ron said. “What do you think, Harry?”

He smiled. “It sounds good.”

Hermione knelt in front of Harry and kissed him, pausing to lick along his collarbone until he shuddered. She stroked him gently with her hands and when he felt ready, she turned and bent down.

Harry stopped to look at the white skin of Hermione’s firm, round bottom. Grasping her by the hips, he pulled himself forward and let her guide him to her slick entrance. Ron kissed Harry as he entered her and then Ron slid down in front of Hermione.

As Harry brought himself slowly in and out of Hermione’s soaking wet passage, she took Ron into her mouth. Knowing exactly how to lick and suck him, knowing exactly when to concentrate her efforts on the head of his cock and when to take him in so deep she nearly gagged, it was only moments before she could feel him tense up, ready to come. She brought him a fraction of an inch deeper and he moaned loudly, his body jolting as he came into her mouth.

As Hermione swallowed, milking every drop from Ron’s cock, Harry reached around and found her clit with his fingers. He rubbed her in small circles in time with his thrusts. She whimpered and called out: “Oh Harry, oh God. Just like that.” Then she came, Ron watching her face. She was never more beautiful than this. He leaned forward and kissed her as she moaned.

Harry fucked Hermione hard from behind, his balls slapping against her arse, as he felt himself letting go of all the resentment he’d felt for Ginny. He was making love to Hermione who had never treated him so poorly, had never let him down. He looked over at Ron, who mouthed the words ‘I love you’ to Harry as Harry grabbed the flesh of Hermione’s arse and pounded into her.

Harry came, thrusting hard into Hermione, feeling all of his anger drain away. Tears sprang to his eyes and Ron got up quickly to kiss them away.

“Shh,” Ron whispered. “You don’t have to worry anymore. We’ll never leave you. Never.”

Hermione pulled forward and then lay down on her back. “Come here, darling,” she said to Harry.

Harry let himself be enfolded in her arms as he covered her chest with his tears. “I love you Harry,” she said. Taking Ron’s hand in hers, she kissed it. “I love you, Ron.”

Ron, who had the longest arms, hugged them both.

Soon, Harry, who had been up all night crying over Ginny, began to fall asleep. Hermione tucked him in between her and Ron. They held hands over Harry’s sleeping form.

“So?” she said.

“So,” Ron said.

“This is okay with you?” she asked.

“I know it sounds crazy, but yeah. It is. I mean, I’d do anything to be with you, and Harry’s proposition was just too good to pass up.”

“So you think someday it’ll be just you and me again? Without him? You know, when this is all over?”

Ron looked at Hermione and down at Harry. He thought for a moment.

“No,” he said, finally. “I don’t think the three of us should ever be apart.”

She looked at Harry and then back up into Ron’s pale blue eyes. “I don’t either. I suppose I always assumed this would happen sometime. So it’s sooner rather than later. It doesn’t change how I feel about you at all, except maybe that I love you even more than I did this morning.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because you’re willing to share me, to share my love with Harry. You, who’s had to share everything your whole life. You, who live in the shadow of your brothers, who hardly ever owned anything new that was just yours. You’re willing to share me, the one thing no one else in the world has. You have the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known.”

“Big enough for two, I reckon,” he said, blushing at her compliment.

“Let’s get some rest, love,” she said. “I suppose the horcrux hunt will be back on tomorrow.”

“Good night, Hermione,” Ron said, and the two kissed as Harry slumbered peacefully between them.

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