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 Hi, I'm Sercheon, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I just got into Harry Potter Fan Fics and found that this community is by far the best I've found. Reading the stories for the past few weeks, I've been wondering why the stories just abruptly stop around 2005-06. The friends sections is still active, so I decided to create a livejournal account and see what the deal is. Are stories still being made? If so Where are they?

Thanks a lot

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FIC: Holiday Delight | NC-17 | simons_flower

Author:  simons_flower
Challenge: EWE 5. The trio go on holiday.  “Well, this is just like when we were hunting those horcruxes, except it’s a five star hotel, it’s warm, and we’re honest about wanting to fuck each other now.”
Title:  Holiday Delight
Summary:  The Trio celebrate ten years without Voldemort.
Word Count:  2,025
Rating:  NC-17
Notes:  None of the Trio cooperated with the writing of this one.  You’d think they’d know better by now.

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FIC: Something Wicked | NC-17 | simons_flower

author:  simons_flower
challenge:  EWE 10. In honor of Fred, George creates a “truth” potion and convinces the trio to drink it in honor of Fred.  The trio reveals their real feelings and naughtiness ensues.
title:  Something Wicked
summary:  Ron knew better than to drink anything made by one of the twins, but forgot to remind Harry and Hermione of that fact.  Oh dear.
genre:  Humor, PWP
warnings:  first time, RGTB (randomly gay Terry Boot)
word count:  3,110
rating:  NC-17
author’s notes:  Sixth wave (second subwave) of the triofqf.

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Happy Birthday Harry.

Artist: kath_ballantyne
Challenge: Harry wants a special present for his birthday-he wants to watch Ron and Hermione. He's shocked when they ask him to join in.
Medium: Photoshop, wacom Graphire4
Warning: partial nudity
Rating: R
This was originally going to be the first of two panels. I'm afraid I've been stuck in bed for nearly two weeks unable to draw so this was the best I could do by the due date.
Ron is asking Harry to join them.

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FIC: Room 7609 | NC-17 | simons_flower

Author:  simons_flower
Challenge:  EWE 9. Ron and Hermione are together and they find something missing from their relationship – Harry.
Title:  Room 7609
Summary:  Harry knows that, for the sake of friendship, he should resist this Mr and Mrs Weasley, but when they decide to make a meal of him one night, how is he supposed to say no?
Warning:  UST, voyeurism, dirty talk, RST, blow jobs, masturbation
Word Count:  9,475
Rating:  NC-17
Notes:  The title is from the chorus of a very old Duran Duran song and I couldn’t resist using it here.
     The length of this shocks me.  Harry wouldn’t let go then Ron wouldn’t shut up.  I hate when characters have their way with the author.

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The Sixth Wave is Now Open

The SIXTH WAVE is open!

You may sign up for challenges for each subwave until two weeks prior to the conclusion of that wave. Due dates for the subwaves are as follows:
Subwave 1: May 1,2008.
Subwave 2: July 1st, 2008.
Subwave 3: September 1,2008.

The day after each subwave is completed, a master list for that subwave will be posted. At the conclusion of Subwave 3, a master list of the entire Sixth Wave will be posted. Please do not archive or post your work elsewhere until after the subwave you contributed to has ended.

The Rules

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Claim a Challenge for the 6th Wave of Trio Love!

Challenges can only be claimed twice -- once for FIC and once for ART PER SUBWAVE. Please leave a comment telling us which challenge you're claiming and if it is FIC or ART. Don't forget to mention which SUBWAVE it is for. I'll edit in your claims ASAP, but be sure to browse the comments in case I haven't gotten to them all yet. Thanks

Please review the Rules before making claims!

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Claim Prompts


This is your friendly mod--we need more prompts. So we're going to leave the prompt post up until February 2nd, 2008.

Then we'll categorize the claims, list them, and post deadlines for this wave.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us. Please also remember trio fqf means all three of the trio engaged in a relationship together. Prompts that don't have Harry/Hermione together as well as Harry/Ron maybe rejected.

Otherwise lets get to it and get the trio naughty!
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Admin: 6th Wave of TrioFQF Coming Soon

Hello everyone!

Coming very soon we will indeed finally be having the 6th wave of the triofqf. Rules, information, and dates will be posted in this community ASAP.

For now, what we're looking for are prompts.

In light of the series coming to an end, we'll have a few new categories this go around. When you leave a prompt, please indicate if it is:

*Post Hogwarts-Canon Compliant
*Post Hogwarts EWE

Happy prompting!
True love by teh_indy
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Coming Soon...

In light of NEW AND FINAL CANON, we'll be having another round of TrioFQF very soon.

For now, I am accepting applications for a co-mod.

If you are interested, please send an email to triofqf @ gmail . com. Include your LJ name, an age statement, and any previous moderating experience you may have.