Fanartist in training (kath_ballantyne) wrote in triofqf,
Fanartist in training

Happy Birthday Harry.

Artist: kath_ballantyne
Challenge: Harry wants a special present for his birthday-he wants to watch Ron and Hermione. He's shocked when they ask him to join in.
Medium: Photoshop, wacom Graphire4
Warning: partial nudity
Rating: R
This was originally going to be the first of two panels. I'm afraid I've been stuck in bed for nearly two weeks unable to draw so this was the best I could do by the due date.
Ron is asking Harry to join them.

please be to clicking three times to get full picture size

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Wow, that is just gorgeous! Ron's eyes, and freckles, and scars and hair are all perfect as always in your Ron's but I love your Hermione too.

I like the way he's holding her, and their pose is lovely.

The way his hand is reaching out is just SO attention grabbing. I can't stop looking at his fingers.

*stares some more*

*hugs* Thanks hon.
I did like the look Ron was giving.
I'm glad you like the hand.
I wasn't sure if it was a little too weird.
I wanted to show Harry's involvement without him being in the shot.
I hope I can get around to getting the other panel done eventually.
I love the perspective on this and the look on Ron's face.

Hope you feel better soon :)

It was something different to have Ron's hand coming out of the pic like that but I wanted to give the feel of Harry being involved in the scene even though we can't see him.

Ron giving Harry his bedroom eyes is always a good thing.

thanks, I did my back in and am only just now able to sit up again.
*grabs Ron's hand and climbs in*

That is marvelous. What a wonderful perspective with that big sexy hand.

Love the way Ron's shyly hiding his face behind Hermione while he asks but he's still looking Harry in the eyes. Verra nice!
I hope get around to actually getting the pic with all three of them in it done.

I'm glad you liked it.
Oh, I love this! I love Ron's bedroom eyes and his hand, but what I really love is the bits of Hermione that we can just barely see. The curve of her breasts and her stomach and her pubic hair. Beautiful picture!
Thankyou so much.
I tried to create a kind of intimacy in the scene. I think sometimes it's more erotic if you can't see everything all at once.

Glad you liked it.
oh! as if harry could resist, huh?

i love the bed clothes.

and ron peaking out.
*hugs* Thankyou hon.
*g* I think Harry would take a fair bit of convincing to get over his guilt but yeah, Ron is being very persuasive.

I was happy with the bed clothes in the end but they took me so long to draw. *g*
I'm glad you liked them.
I'm still not happy with the pillows.
*spontaniously combusts at the look on Ron's face*

How could anybody resist that? He is beyond sexy! Guh! His "come to bed" eyes are to die for!

*tries to stop salvating and concentrate on other parts of the picture*

I love how their pose looks so tender and loving but it's completely sexy and wanton at the same time! Hermione in that shirt-like thing is just gorgeous, especially as you've left most of the best worst stuff to the imagination!

Ron's hands and fingers are just... amazing.

I've run out of things to say, even though I feel like I should say a million more things about how much I love this! It's my OTP... but it satisfies just a little of my Harry/Ron by the way Ron is obviously looking at Harry.

*goes back to staring at Ron's eyes*

*fans you*
I'm glad you like the way he's looking. He's looking at his Harry.

I try to put enough feeling into Ron/Hermione. I can see the connection there I just don't feel it as much as the Harry/Ron thing. I can understand them as a couple and the three of them as a trio so I do enjoy drawing it. It's difficult though to show all the emotional connections in the one picture.

I hope to get to the other panel of this just as soon as I have time (and i figure out who I want where)

I took a chance with the odd perspective but I wanted to show the scene from Harry's view and have him involved even though you can't see him.

It's trio so I'm allowed to show my Harry/Ron leanings in a Ron/Hermione pic *G*

*hugs you*
Man, I love Ron's freck-ly body. And nice perspective with the hand.
Thankyou so much
This art has been rec'ed at

The Golden Seeker
oh wow thankyou.
Oh yummy! I love Ron's hair and his smirk and how shy Hermione is yet they both really want it. So inviting. Nicely done! ^_^
*g* thankyou, Glad you liked it
*gasp* Um, wow, Ron's hand and the look in his eye, just, asdlfjasdlkjf YUM.

The whole thing is delicious - and I especially love the texture of the bedding.