Symphonies in Seashells (tarie) wrote in triofqf,
Symphonies in Seashells

Admin: Rec your favourite Trio piece!

We've recently re-opened crack_broom, which is a multi-ship reccing community. We're greatly in need of people to sign up to rec Harry/Ron/Hermione - if we don't get a substantial number of people in the queue, we're going to knock H/R/Hr back to a rare pairing...and I KNOW H/R/Hr is certainly not a rare pairing.

Rules and regulations are here. Gateway to sign ups is here.

In other news, thanks to those of you whom have submitted your wonderful pieces to the FQF. Don't worry about lateness; just post them whenever you can manage. I apologise for not being around lately; RL obligations have gotten in the way. I intend to be a much more visible and active mod in the coming weeks.

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